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We are a local boutique courier business that specialises in high quality service you simply won’t find elsewhere.


Suite 86, 235 Earls Court Road, London, SW5 9FE


Established in 2007 with only a single vehicle, we spent the following years learning and developing to eventually become the professional courier service we now are. We pride ourselves on being a business you can rely on, and have proven to be a trusted partner to many companies across London that depend on us for timely and safe deliveries.

We complete most of our customer’s assignments in under an hour. How do we do that? We spent time evaluating and reassessing our logistics processes to get them as efficient as possible. By leveraging our courier’s expert knowledge of London roads and GPS technology to check for traffic and road work updates, we always know the quickest way to get from A to B. 

Our clients are the most important thing to us, and we appreciate the high ratings they consistently award us. We’re pleased to say we complete 90% of customer requests on the same day, and it’s only the most complex of jobs that may take a little longer.

Our website is tailored to meet the needs of the modern workplace. Nobody wants to be stuck on the phone, so your account on our website allows you to control, manage and monitor your bookings and invoices, and you can amend and add information to bookings, even if they’re already in progress.

One of our goals here at Selena Courier Service is to meet current vehicle standards in terms of pollution reduction. By 2011, we reduced emissions massively by using the latest vehicles with EURO 5 engine standards along with electric cars that produce zero emissions. Paper usage across the business was reduced by 70% by digitising paper processes too, and all this work combined has made a huge impact on our environmental footprint. 

All of these innovations and successes are made possible by our passion and experience as a courier service. If you’d like to take advantage of that service, simply get in touch.

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