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Timely Deliveries

Hospital & Healthcare Systems

Our Hospital Solutions provide reliable delivery and logistics experts directly within healthcare facilities to safely and quickly transport specimens, blood samples, and other materials needed by emergency rooms or other departments.

Clinics & Diagnostic Laboratories

We works directly with private practices, outpatient centers, patient service centers (PSC), stat med urgent care facilities, walk in clinics, and laboratory processing centers to coordinate inbound and outbound specimens that are time-sensitive and have life-critical results.

Pharmacy Home Delivery

We integrate seamlessly into your supply chain to become an extension of the pharmacy and can transport emergency medicine to customers. In urgent delivery situations, our drivers can handle your delivery with the appropriate speed and security, ensuring your goods are transported in just a few hours.

If you need urgent care, simply call our emergency hotline.

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Our Medical courier delivery solutions:

Transplant organ couriers need to be available at any time to transport organs and tissues from donors to transplant facilities. There are climate control regulations and time limits for transplant organ viability. 

Transportation of blood and blood products demand time-critical, temperature-sensitive, and safe delivery, from the point of collection to transfusion.

Selena Courier Service offers a range of benefits from the convenience of delivering medication to discharged patients at home through to improving stock management and efficiency for wholesaler suppliers.

Same Day Rush or Regularly Scheduled Courier Service

Urgent and punctual delivery.



Priority Direct Delivery is fast and secure way to send parcels around London. Most of requests we complete within an hour (depends on recipient location distance).


Same day delivery offers secure and priceless delivery across London. Collection within 90 minutes and delivery to destination in following few hours or by first available courier.


New service to deliver your parcels on daily base across some areas of London with over 60% saving. Collection twice a day: morning and afternoon time. Delivery is on next 3 - 4 hours after collection.


Group Delivery Service is designed as an option to save you money when you send parcels to more than one destination and it’s available for all delivery services.


Retrieved delivery is a part of couriering solution for you. Get 25% off on return journey and you can book as the Priority Service. This service will keep things closer all the time.


When we come across your parcel we can’t leave it away. We will call to find out if you would like it to be delivered to you.

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  • Avatar Mihalea Atomei ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    The best courier service! Totally recommending it as all the staff is very professional and responsive to the client's needs at all times. It is very comforting to know that the job gets done proficiently and if there are any queries along the way they are sorted out in the same professional matter.
  • Avatar Shane Jocelyn, CFA ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Amazing service. Used for very important documents and delivered ahead of time. Definitely will be using again!

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Selena Courier Service is determined to save your company time and money while providing dependable and professional customer service. When you rely on us, you won’t have to worry about sitting in traffic, trying to deliver a package yourself. Our courier services are customised to meet your specific needs.

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